Yearling Stud Prospect - Own son of Mr. Sun O Lena. His dam is one of Frank Perkin's best broodmares. She has earned money in cutting and a full brother was the highest price horse sold at a Frank Perkins sale - $85,000. So far am very pleased with him and really like his pedigree. I also own a broodmare that is a full sister to him and her foals have been the first to get picked.

cee sun
Young CEE SUN out breeding some mares

cee sun
  Cee Sun

Lightning Bar 1951 Fax:0037566 sorrel
Doc Bar 1956Fax: 0076136 chestnut
Dandy Doll 1948Fax: 0026556 chestnut
Doc O'Lena 1967Fax: 04493297 bay
Poco Bueno 1944Fax: 0003044 brown
Poco Lena 1949Fax: 0030475 bay
Sheilwin 1943 Fax:0010483 dun
SIRE: Mr. Sun O Lena 1991
Leo San 1949Fax: 0020113 sorrel
Peppy San 1959Fax: 0114978 sorrel
Peppy BelleFax: 1955Fax: 0054365 sorrel
Sunflower Sana 1979Fax: 1466320 red dun
Hollywood Bill 1959Fax: 0107906 palomino
Bill's Star Lita 1971Fax: 0757211 red dun
Mico Lita 1958Fax: 0101921 chestnut

King 1932Fax: 0000234 bay
Poco Bueno 1944 Fax:0003044 brown
Miss Taylor 1933Fax: 0002636 bay
Poco Bueno Tom 1967Fax: 0474851 dun
Poco Tom 1950Fax: 0031623 dun
Tom's Tina 1958Fax: 0085327 dun
Fancy Stone 1946 Fax:0045976 sorrel
DAM: Miss Poco 057 1992
Doc Bar 1956Fax: 0076136 chestnut
Doc's Hickory 1973Fax: 0919616 bay
Miss Chickasha 1952Fax: 0075443 bay
Miss Cee Bar Hickory 1983Fax: 2171873 sorrel
Cee Bars 1950 Fax:0032022 sorrel
Miss Cee Bars King 1969Fax: 0616955 chestnut
Goldie Royal 1965 Fax:0388500 sorrel

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